"Blue Confluence" (A. Tcholakian/I. James) from CD Blue Confluence (w/San Gabriel 7 feat. Eric Marienthal)

Ingrid James - Australian Jazz Singer, Vocal Teacher

"If this were the 50's Jazz era, Ingrid James would be performing alongside other greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. She is by far one of the best jazz vocalists I have ever worked with. It's time for America to know and welcome this remarkable award winning Australian jazz vocalist."
BILL WATROUS, 7 time winner Trombonist of the Year, Downbeat. USA

"One of the top jazz singers from Australia, Ingrid James has a beautiful voice, a wide range, and the ability to sing difficult intervals with ease, hitting every note perfectly in-tune. She is also an original improvisor, always swings, and is skilled at embracing lyrics that she believes in..."  
Scott Yanow, author of The Jazz Singers, The Great Jazz Guitarists, Jazz on Film and Jazz on Record 1917-76  (CD "Trajectoire"  - Release due 2016)

"Her disciplined delivery is mouthwatering, hitting each word with pristine clarity while accenting each though with a silk, sultry resonance..."
Mark Channon, USA Jazz Radio Presenter - WWUH Radio, W. Hartford, CT, USA (CD "Blue Confluence" )

"This project showcases the versatility of Ingrid's sultry, smooth sound as well as her wonderful intonation and musicality. At times she's out front with her unique vocal style and melodic interpretation. Then, just as easily, she's able to blend right into the horn section as if she were one of the instruments....The improvisations from Ingrid and the band are exciting and bring the music to an even higher level...."
Eric Marienthal (USA saxophonist) - (CD "Blue Confluence")

"On this recording she whisks through with the ease and precision of a fleet-footed ballet dancer. Ingrid is a fluid balladeer who appeals to the emotions as she captivates our ears while masterfully painting word pictures....impeccable intonation, pinpoint articulation and the ability to navigate unusual intervals and angles with finesse, without ever losing the beauty of her God-given voice."
Mark Channon (USA Radio Presenter, WWUH Radio, W. Hartford, CT, USA) - (CD "Lost My Heart" )

"[Ingrid James has] passionate vocals which cut like musical light-sabres with each note - yet inject warmth and depth of meaning and pathos that only deep compassion can bring."
Noosa Jazz Festival, Australia


"Ingrid James, whose note-perfect delivery and depth of lyrical expression, has elevated her into the elite of Australia's musical talents."

Steve Robertson, Portland Observer 2012 

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