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Ingrid James Welcome to the official website of Ingrid James.

"Ingrid James, whose note-perfect delivery and depth of lyrical expression, has elevated her into the elite of Australia's musical talents." Steve Robertson, Portland Observer 2012

A singer with a voice that's been described as chocolate: rich, dark and smooth.

"If this were the 50's Jazz era, Ingrid James would be performing alongside other greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. She is by far one of the best jazz vocalists I have ever worked with. It's time for America to know and welcome this remarkable award winning Australian jazz vocalist." BILL WATROUS, USA

Ingrid James is one of Queensland's leading Jazz Vocalists appearing regularly in Jazz festivals throughout the country including the Brisbane Festival (Spiegeltent), Jazz Queensland's Valley Jazz Festival, Devonport Jazz Festival Tasmania, Manly Jazz Festival Sydney, Noosa International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Women's International Jazz Festival, Gold Coast, Bellingen, Kiama and Ambiwerra Jazz Festivals to name but a few.

Her performances on ABC national television including soloist with the Queensland Orchestra together with appearances in European and US venues such as The Blue Note in Monte Carlo, the Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles and the Pizza Express, Soho & 606 Clubs in London have confirmed a reputation described by the Sydney Morning Herald as "fearless and gifted-a Jazz singer for whom the songs are there to be teased, flirted with and milked for all their improvisational potential".

Ingrid's recorded albums have attracted worldwide acclaim including "a probable for the best ten list..comes as a most challenging and welcome vocal surprise" by Cadence Magazine in New York and ABC Limelight Magazine's review described her album Circumflex as "hitting the mark with a mixture of classics, jazz standards and contemporary tunes" and "recalls Betty Carter's sublime bent about notes, while Devil May Care is one of the finest I've heard.."

Other reviews acknowledge the heartfelt warmth and intimate style that characterize her performances. Tony Backhouse, New Zealand composer, vocal arranger, singer & author says "Ingrid James floats and swings effortlessly through the changes with a tone of honey. As well as great technique, there's an engaging warmth to her delivery like a close friend smiling at you". David Bentley, journalist says "You've probably heard these songs before - but never like this. Thoughtful, inventive and, above all, swinging, Ingrid squeezes every line for nuance and meaning. The impeccable phrasing and accurate intonation come almost as a bonus."

A graduate of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), Sydney and the Queensland Conservatorium of Music (Vocal Pedagogy), she now teaches privately, runs workshops around the country and internationally.

She has been mentor and coach for Queensland Education Department's Creative Generation for 3 years performing at the Q150 Celebrations at Boondall Entertainment Centre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre and Brisbane Powerhouse. To complement her passion for teaching, Ingrid has produced a Jazz Singers' Jam Night (held at The Brisbane Jazz Club) since 2002 and is the Vocal Co-ordinator for the 612 ABC/Jazz Queensland Valley Jazz Festival Vocal Competition.

She has recorded 6 nationally released albums:

2011 Pangaea Ingrid James & The Global Collective (USA/Australia co-production with Paul Armstrong & Todd Harrison, USA) Newmarket Music, Australia;

2010 Reunion (Australia/UK release Jazzizit Records/Distributor: Proper/Planet Digital: IODA) joint project with singer Trudy Kerr;

2009 Circumflex (Newmarket Music) - duo project with pianist John Reeves;

2007 Portrait (Newmarket Music) - joint project with pianist Louise Denson & Griffith University's Queensland Conservatorium of Music;

2005 Essence (Newmarket Music) - recorded with Matt Baker and Adrian Cunningham

Her first recording Live at Middenbury was in the 90's, recorded and released through ABC Music and her subsequent two independent albums Just Visiting and Lazy Afternoon (recorded at ABC's Jazz Track with Mal Stanley) both received Queensland Music Industry Sunnie Awards for Best Jazz Albums.

"Ingrid James' extraordinary range is showcased as her voice is variously warm and engaged, cool or contemplative, clear, or soft and hushed. Her diction is flawless.....Every song is well-crafted, beautifully produced and worthy of repeated listening..."

Louise Denson, Head of Jazz Studies, Griffith University, Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Australia

"I am sure that this CD will bring many hours of repeated enjoyment to those fortunate to eventually own a copy. Highly recommended!"

Bobby Shew, US Jazz trumpet artist

"The musicianship is first class. The production is of international quality....Ingrid's vocals are superb. She is a singer's singer never tries to overdo it just does it right..."

Peter Cupples, Australian singer, songwriter, producer

"Long renowned for her [Ingrid's] clarity of diction and flawless pitch, she's funky to the max on Fame, beguilingly convincing on Kerry Livgren's Dust in the Wind and Latin savvy on Suzanne Vega's slow tango, Caramel. This is music that bridges cultures and makes virtue of diversity. It has freshness, vigour and soul."

David Bentley, pianist, singer, songwriter, journalist

"A fearless and gifted jazz singer for whom the songs are there to be teased, flirted with and milked for all their improvisational potential." (Read more..)

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

A singer who has "a special affinity for Brazilian music [who] brings out the full beauty of the lyrics." (Read more..)

Joao da Penha, music critic (Brazil)

"Ingrid James' passionate vocals cut like musical light-sabres with each note - yet injected warmth and depth of meaning and pathos that only deep compassion can bring" (Read more..)

Noosa Jazz Festival

"Within the friendly, honest person is so masterful a vocalist that no matter how lost she may seem in the feeling of a song, or how deftly she might navigate a blistering bop melody, I am certain that she never completely discards one in favour of the other (technique + emotion)

Reviewer for Valley Jazz Festival, 2007 - Greg Gottlieb

"Both singers demonstrate not only near telepathic sense of vocal interplay but also adroit interpretative skills.

Charles Waring - Record Collector, November 2010 - REUNION

"The duo rekindle their erstwhile musical partnership with empathy, exuberance and imagination.

Peter Quinn, Jazzwise Magazine Sept 2010

"It's an unequivocally enjoyable, impeccably performed set of intelligently selected songs.

Chris Parker Vortex Website Oct 2010