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"I had seen Ingrid a few years ago in Australia and knew just how good she would be - but her performance at The Folkestone Jazz Club just blew the audience away. This Lady is world class and it's sad that she doesn't perform on the world stage more often. Her diction and tone and hand expressions make sure that she portrays every number with the maximum feeling for the song and the writer, and most of all, the audience. All the numbers from ballad to upbeat to scat got the individual Ingrid James treatment. Ingrid James does not appear to follow the style or phrasing of any of the jazz divas - she is a one off in her own right. Having said that, her wonderful rendition of the classic Midnight Sun really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and reminded me of June Christy with Kenton in '57. It's been a long wait !!!

Derick Woodland, Folkestone Jazz Club @ The Tower, UK (June 11th, 2015)

"Live Performance Review"

"It doesn't get much better than John Reeves, Andrew Shaw, Paul Hudson, Graeme Norris & Ingrid James. Despite having only flown in from LA yesterday, Ingrid was, as always, visually & performance wise - brilliant. Her expression, clarity & vocal control thrilled the audience of 185 & the variation in tempo made for a particularly interesting evening. One or two quieter, sensitive numbers brought a remarkable stillness in the audience, as we soaked up the beautiful lyrics & Ingrid's vocal interpretation. The backing in all numbers was perfect. well, the superlatives could just keep flowing.... Suffice it to say, the East Coast Ensemble is a 'must' for future bookings ...."
Creme de la Creme Friday 23 January 2009 @ The Brisbane Jazz Club
Ingrid James & East Coast Ensemble

"I have to say that yesterday's jazz was, without a doubt, the best I've heard at the Club. I don't recall any other time when I've felt so emotionally involved with the music & vocals. It was truly magic."
Rita Laurie, Brisbane Jazz Club ('live' performance 17th August 2008)

"Ingrid James is a jazz singer with great musical quality and possesses a voice of rare purity."
Jazz Club Venture, Marseille, 2006

There are moments that transport you - they are particular, special segments in Time, in one's life, that allow one the opportunity to realise consciously what the journey is about; and permit a slow-motion type of cognisance to take place, wherein life-actions can be simultaneously viewed, participated in, and completely realised as integrated understanding, all at once.

Sitting at Fusion Cafe on the Noosa River on Sunday evening on the tail end of the Noosa Jazz 2003 Festival one such magical illumination took place.

Ingrid James' passionate vocals cut like musical light-sabres with each note - yet injected warmth and depth of meaning and pathos that only deep compassion can bring. Her work on "What a Difference a Day Made" was both incandescent yet heart opening. Just as riveting, yet in a totally credible, street-tough punchiness was the Oscar Brown Jr. blues "As long as you're living". The focus must shine equally on the dramatic piano work of Matt Baker. The evening's solos were the highpoint to this listener of decades of listening to great jazz - yet the particular extended solo played in "I've got just about everything" was the absolute zenith of the integration of pyrotechnical physical alibility, musical nous and sense of fitness, spiritual compassion and innate sense of beauty and elegance. Patrons and musicians alike were shaking their heads in disbelief at the music being generated.

The vortex of joy and upliftment created in that room by the four players was such that a transporting past the time/space continuum was produced. A healing on the hearts of humanity was taking place in that special moment. All present were involved - whether their intellect was cognisant or not. The interlocked simpatico of the two brothers, Pat and Joe Marchisella comprising the rhythm section set up the foundation and scaffolding for the two soloists (Ingrid and Matt) to build upon.

An environment wherein music became the vehicle to dismantle fear was in motion. Pure elation and interconnectedness to the hearts of all of humanity happened in that room - the players, through their years of dedication to their craft accessed the higher levels of Love and let it flow through them to repair all of those fortunate enough to put themselves in that place.

Bless them for their gifts. The immediacy of great jazz puts it right where it is - Truth resonates.

- Matthew Hutchinson, Special Music Consultant to the Noosa Jazz Festival - 'live" performance review

"Ingrid is a class act. The Mackay Festival of Arts was privileged to secure such a performer for the Festival. Her performance on the opening night still has people talking. Her presence on and off stage makes Ingrid the sensation she is."
Louise Bezzina, Festival Coordinator, Mackay Festival of Arts (July 2004)


"Ingrid James is one of those exception singers who takes her audience on a journey of joy and delight. Every set of hers filled the room. Her voice, her style and her stage presence charmed the Honda Jazz Festival audiences over and over again. Can I say that she's a winner!."
Ray Bolwell, Chairman, Gold Coast Arts Centre & Gold Coast Jazz Festival Director, 26/27 February 2005.


"Peter O'Neill doesn't mind blowing his own trumpet,particularly when it comes to the new format for the 2003 Kiama Jazz Festival ! "This year's format was an outstanding success," said Peter O'Neill, Strategic Director of the Festival. "The new look festival had jazz fans, performers and restaurant owners singing its praises."

One of the highlights of the festival was Ingrid James Quartet, with Matt Baker . The quartet played at several venues across the weekend including a booked-out Harbourside Brighton on Saturday night and a packed performance at Natural Necessity Cafe on Sunday. The combination of the experienced musicians coupled with the smooth sound of Ingrid James was a hit wherever they played. Ingrid is a singer who can draw you inside the most touching standard and make you smile with an up-tempo tune and a scat chorus.Ingrid's infectious humour and her delightful interpretations of jazz classics made her a popular choice for best performer and ensured an invitation for the 2004 festival!"

- Peter O'Neill, Strategic Director of Kiama Jazz Festival


"The Gold Coast Jazz & Blues Club were very previleged to secure the talents of Ingrid James to appear in the inaugaural Gold Coast Jazz Festival held at the Gold Coast Arts Centre the weekend of March 26, 27 & 28th...Ingrid gave a stunning performance and was one of the stars of the whole event. Queensland is fortunate to have her as one of our leading jazz singers."
Mary Oxenford, Festival Coordinator 2004.


"The thing about Ingrid James is that not only is she an extraordinary vocal stylist, but always manages to appear with a backing group of exciting ability."
Brisbane Jazz Club, March 2004


"Ingrid's professionalism in the lead up to the event was equalled by her talents as a performer.Ingrid's vocal talent kept the audience spellbound and her friendly manner to all of our patrons was very much appreciated. A truly amazing singer of world class standard."
Management & Patrons 100 Years of Wine & Song , Grand View Hotel, 15 March, 2003

"It was wonderful to see the Cascade Court so animated and [Ingrid's] work so obviously well was a fabulous session."
QPAC's Sunday Soirees Series 2003


"Look out Noosa, here comes an artist who can move gracefully between traditional jazz and soulful blues with a powerful, yet sultry vocal resonance."
Noosa Jazz Festival 2002

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