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Track 14. Strange Brew (Cream) – Ingrid James & John Reeves feat. on ABC Music Release "Under the Covers"

Possibly my top pick of this collection is another favourite song in Cream’s classic ‘Strange Brew’. Ingrid’s vocal caresses and cajoles over a sinister Radiohead-like piano arrangement interrupted only by Reeves’ solo which echoes Bill Evans and Monk. An intoxicating potion.
Peter Timmerman (ABC Sound Librarian)


Under the Covers (ABC Music) - features song from Circumflex CD - Ingrid James - "Strange Brew"

A secondary ‘late night’ theme recurs throughout with titles such as ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’, with ‘Dream Brother’ and ‘Killing Moon’ adding a ‘witching hour’ atmosphere only heightened by the spooky ‘Strange Brew’. Seductive sounds, easy on the ear but not the soundtrack to a slow elevator ride; this is a musical journey into the wee hours, a magical mystery tour, unplugged for your listening pleasure… So get comfortable… under the covers. Musicians have re-interpreted each other’s work since the beginning of musical history. Under the Covers brings together an international roster of pop, jazz, classical and country artists making these songs their own, stamping them with their personalities. The performances are predominantly Australian, with women making a strong showing, mostly taking on material famously sung by men.......


Flame Tree (CD - Louise Denson) - Ingrid James on voice and co-writer of "Wild December Wind"

"Superb musicianship from all the players....James's vocal melodies soar with freedom and confidence bringing a wonderfully individual colour to the sound of the band."
Sandy Evans, tenor and soprano sax, composer, educator

Lazy Afternoon (CD - Ingrid James - Independent, recorded and produced by Mal Stanley, ABC Music, Melbourne)

"Ingrid James floats and swings effortlessly through the changes with a tone of honey. As well as great technique, there's an engaging warmth to her delivery like a close friend smiling at you."  Tony Backhouse, Sydney/New Zealand


"Now and again we have the pleasure of experiencing something refreshing in the musical performance. For too long we had to endure the irritatingly unmusical warbling by the legends in their own lunchtime (so called) singers, so it is a great delight to listen to Ingrid performing some good songs with enjoyable, intelligent musical style. Bravo Ingrid and more power to you. The backing trio ain't chopped liver either. Congratulations."  Maestro Tommy Tycho


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